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General questions

I don’t know what I need—Redesign, Interior Design, Organizing, or just a consultation. How do I decide?

Generally, we start with a brief phone assessment to help evaluate your needs and desired outcomes. From there, we can schedule a more complete needs assessment, evaluate your actual space, and develop a specific plan of action.

What is the difference between Interior Design and Redesign?

With Redesign, we apply a trained eye to rearrange your existing furniture, artwork, and accessories for a fresh, new look that creates better harmony, comfort, and function in your home. We take your beloved, and often hidden, treasures and showcase them in a way that provides stronger focal points, better room balance, and an overall sense of unity.

Interior Design essentially starts with a mini-redesign using the items you want to keep, but the outcome is usually a more dramatic change than you would get with a Redesign. What happens with your Interior Design plan is completely up to you and can include changes from floor to ceiling and everything in between. Many Interior Design plans involve new purchases, such as carpet, furniture, window treatments, art, lighting, and accessories to name a few. More complex plans may include remodeling.

What are your fees?

This is a hard question to give a general answer. Some of our offerings are priced on a per project basis, while others are based on an hourly rate. We will ask what you would like to invest in your project, then work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs.

What if I’m not happy with the result?

This is your space, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. We work with you through every decision, and check your comfort level at each step along the way. We take a great deal of time to carefully listen to your needs, wants, and expectations, so there are no surprises in the end. If for some reason, you are not satisfied, we will work with you to make it right.

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Interior design

What are some advantages to working with an Interior Designer?

We bring you experience and talent, industry knowledge, convenience, access to more resources, an objective perspective, and perhaps most of all, the ability to help prevent costly decorating mistakes.

Isn’t an Interior Designer expensive?

We are happy to work with clients on all levels and at varied price points. We have access to good, better, and best resources. We feel that the best decorated home doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensively decorated home. We will ask what you would like to invest in your project, then work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs.

I’m fearful that working with an Interior Designer will be intimidating. Could this happen?

Not with us, but we do realize that this fear exists. We will never judge you, your home, or your furnishings. And we will not insist that you buy all new stuff. We strive to use as much of your existing furnishings as possible. Our goal is to come up with solutions to achieve your desired look, function, and feel.

Will I lose my own style?

Never. This is a collaborative effort. We provide you with options based on the wants and needs you’ve expressed to us. All of the options presented will work from a design standpoint, but the decisions are yours. We just provide the options, solutions, guidance, and experience. Helping you find your true vision for your home is just as exciting and rewarding for us as it is for you!

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Interior redesign

What is Redesign?

With Redesign, we take your beloved furniture, artwork, accessories, etc. and with a designer’s eye, rearrange them for a new look that creates better harmony, comfort, and function for your home. It is often referred to as “use what you have” decorating.

Do you move all my furniture and take down all my “stuff”?

Yes, we basically dismantle the designated space, then properly layer it all back together. We may also “shop” other areas of your home (with your permission) for additional treasures to enhance the look and personality of the room.

Do you leave holes in my walls?

We’ll fill all holes from where art or accessories have been moved. We will discuss this with you during the initial assessment.

Do things often get broken or scratched?

No. We are overly cautious when moving your things. We have been trained and have much experience in the proper way to move furniture and handle delicate items.

On TV, they make the homeowners leave. Is that how you work?

Generally, yes. With the homeowner absent, we can better design the space with a neutral and trained eye as to what works best. And the element of surprise when you return to your beautifully rearranged home can be quite rewarding.

How long does it take?

It really depends on the space(s). Generally, two adjoining rooms can be completed in 4–6 hours. Rooms with very large, full bookcases or extensive collections may take more time. We will call you when the transformation is complete.

How do we get started?

We will do an initial assessment of the actual space to discover your desired outcomes. We will also ask if there are any stashes of items you would like incorporated into your new look. From there, we set a redesign date and you make arrangements for your family to be absent from the home.

Do I have to buy anything from you?

No. The idea is to use what you already own and cherish. At your request, we can make suggestions to further embellish your new look.

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What is Staging and why is it beneficial?

Staging highlights a home's best features, minimizes flaws, and creates an environment that is spacious and welcoming. The first impression of your home to a potential buyer is critical. A properly staged home features the space, instead of what's in it, so buyers are not distracted by personal effects or clutter. Statistics show that a well staged home sells faster, and often for more money.

Should I try to sell it first without Staging and see how it goes?

To be blunt, no. You need to make a great first impression, with both agents and buyers. And, with more buyers looking at properties online, well-staged rooms and good photography are even more important.

How much does Staging cost?

We offer three levels of Staging assistance. The first is a comprehensive assessment and detailed report with client “to do” list, and is based on complexity. They usually run between $250 to $500.

We also provide hands-on Staging services at an hourly rate. A redesign staging involves editing furnishings and personal items, then using what the owner has left to make the space show well. We will often add a few well-chosen “designer touches.” The third option is Staging a vacant home, which is an hourly rate, plus furniture rental. Every project is unique, so we will do an on-site assessment to give you an estimated cost.

Can I do it myself? I watch all the HGTV shows.

Staging is most effective if done by a professional stager—one who is experienced and does not have emotional ties to the home. A professional is trained to create an inviting look that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers. We’ve been trained on the proper placement of furniture, scale and balance, color, and how to enhance the best features in a home.

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Professional organization

What is a Professional Organizer?

We guide, encourage, and educate clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, solutions, focus, products, and direction. The end results can increase productivity, reduce stress, and create a newfound freedom and sense of being in control.

How long does it take to get organized?

The amount of time really varies. It depends on the parties involved, their level of commitment and ability to make decisions, and the scope of the project. It generally takes longer to organize papers than it does to organize objects. The same stack of papers can take one person 15 minutes to go through and another person hours to go through. We will guide you and help keep you on task, in an effort to save time. The end results are always worth the time spent.

I need help getting organized, but I’m embarrassed to have you see my mess.

You are not alone. A lot of people feel this way. We understand how things can get out of control and will never judge you. We really do need to see the “mess,” so we can find the right solutions for you.

Are you going to make me get rid of stuff?

Only if you want to. If things are important to you, and you have the room to keep them, we’ll find a proper place for them. It is completely up to you, and we have tools to help you make those tough decisions.

What if you throw something away that is important?

When sorting papers and such, we create a pile of things that you probably don't need. Then you sort through them and make that decision. We don't throw anything away without your permission.

How do your sessions work?

Everything we do is tailored to your needs and desired outcomes. We always start with an assessment and an action plan. Sometimes people feel that’s enough to get them going in the right direction. Other times, people want to work one-on-one with us to teach them the skills they need to maintain their desired organizational level. And then there are clients who want things organized, but don't want to do any of it themselves. We are happy to accommodate your particular needs.

Do you do Feng Shui?

No. Feng Shui is best left to true experts. We can get you started by helping you get organized, as clearing clutter is one of the most important concepts of Feng Shui. We are happy to recommend experts in this area.

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